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Sona Stress Remedy B Complex & Epo 500Mg – 30 day course


Sona D1000 Vitamin D3 1000Iu – 30 tablets

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Sona Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin 1000Ug –

Vitamin B12
Benefits :
1000Μg Of Natural Methylcobalamin, The Active Enzyme Form Of B12 Per Tablet Sufficient Levels Of Vitamin B12 Helps Keep Your Nervous System In Good Health Boosts Energy Levels Enhances The Function Of The Immune System Helps Improve Memory.

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SONA VITAMIN B12 provides 1000μg of natural Methylcobalamin, the active enzyme form of B12 which the body retains for longer. Your body needs Vitamin B12 in order to create red blood cells and keep the nervous system healthy. It is also needed to absorb folic acid and it helps to release energy.

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