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Murine Irritation & Redness Relief Eye Drops – 10ml


Optrex Soothing Eye Drops For Itchy Eyes – 10ml

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Optrex Multi Action Eye Wash For Tired, Uncomfortable, Irritated Eyes. – 100ml


Optrex Multi Action Eye Wash Washes, Soothes And Cleanses Tired, Irritated And Uncomfortable Eyes.

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Optrex Double Action Eye Drops are soothing, hydrating eye drops that are ideal for those suffering with itchy or watery eyes. Their double action formula helps to lubricate and protect your eyes from irritants all in one, keeping your eyes comfortable as you go about your day. These eye drops are free from preservatives and phosphate, perfect for those with sensitive eyes who need a way to soothe and hydrate their eyes without causing further irritation.

Directions for use
Before using this product, wash your hands thoroughly. Tilt your head backwards and use one hand to hold your eye open. With the other hand, gently squeeze 1 – 2 drops into your eye, then repeat with the other eye. Blink a few times to make sure that the eye drops are evenly distributed over the eye. Shake the bottle after use to remove any residual drops and replace the cap after use.

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