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Sona Cranberry 3000Mg - 90 capsules


Sona Cranberry 3000Mg – 90 capsules


Benefits :
Concentrated Cranberry Extract Immune Health With Anti-Oxidants C & E 90 Capsules

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Cranberry has a long history of use in preventing E. coli, the most common cause of UTIs and recurrent UTIs, from adhering to the cells lining the wall of the bladder. This anti-adherence action renders the bacteria harmless in the urinary tract.Cranberry has also historically been used to prevent kidney stones and “bladder gravel” as well as to remove toxins from the blood. Sona cranberry capsules provide the benefits of concentrated cranberries without the unnecessary sugar and calories found in commercial cranberry juices. Each Sona cranberry capsules (120 mg 25:1 Extract) are standardised to provide the equivalent of 3000 mg of fresh cranberry juice plus (160 mg) of vitamin C for the immune system and anti-oxidant vitamin E.

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